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Szigetköz is the biggest island of Hungary and also home to us. Our goal is to raise awareness and attention to the natural habitat surrounding us. We exploit all the diverse features of the landscape which together help make this event so unique.

It is no wonder that the Spartan race gave inspiration to creating this competition and gave an experience completely unlike any triathlon or running competition.

In contrast to other sport events this one is technically less restricted and the dose of adrenaline involved is incomparable. Important to mention that it attracts competitors from a vast array of fields like running, triathlon, crossfit, body building, combat sports or rowers.

SZIGETKÖZI CROSS CHALLENGE will be anything but ordinary.

There will be a 6-7 km long run aligned with the natural surroundings and made challenging by numerous obstacles. Moreover it holds a 3-4 km water distance that is to be accomplished by canoes. If you are desperate enough to try your strengths on thiscompetition, enter the race in TEAMS of 2 or 4!

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